Nov 12, 2015

Harvest Flowers

Inspired by all of the beautiful colors outside, I made Harvest Flowers to celebrate Fall.  These tasty flowers are easy to make, would look great decorating any Thanksgiving Cottage, and leftovers would look lovely on a dessert table.  Once again, get the kids involved in helping you.  Little hands can easily sort your M&M's in search of fall colors. 

Harvest Flowers
-M&M's sorted into fall colors of your choice
-Melting chocolate
-Pretzel snaps

Melt your chocolate according to directions.Spread a thin amount of chocolate on your pretzel snap, and set on a wax paper covered surface.

 I learned that less chocolate is more the hard way.  I then placed my M&M's in a circular pattern around a center candy.  Simply wait for your flowers to harden.  Yes, they are that easy!!!

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