Sep 19, 2014

Gingerbred Houses, Halloween and The Candy Cottage!

We invited some friends to have some Halloween fun decorating The Candy Cottage! The children started out making their memories by using a can of store bought frosting and added some orange food coloring. They were excited about the color that they created and they spread it on The Candy Cottage.

The candies looked so cute in the muffin tin and made it easy for the children to pick and choose what they wanted to use. Lots of candy corn, pumpkins, and gumballs made this gingerbread house their own unique creation! The Candy Cottage will be such a cute centerpiece to be used throughout the fall season. And the children were so proud of their work. My guess is there might end up being some ghosts and goblins hanging out in this adorable gingerbread house before the Halloween season is over!

...and the best part...The Candy Cottage can be rinsed off and reused for Christmas! Nothing says fun family gingerbread traditions like The Candy Cottage!