Sep 19, 2014

Gingerbred Houses, Halloween and The Candy Cottage!

We invited some friends to have some Halloween fun decorating The Candy Cottage! The children started out making their memories by using a can of store bought frosting and added some orange food coloring. They were excited about the color that they created and they spread it on The Candy Cottage.

The candies looked so cute in the muffin tin and made it easy for the children to pick and choose what they wanted to use. Lots of candy corn, pumpkins, and gumballs made this gingerbread house their own unique creation! The Candy Cottage will be such a cute centerpiece to be used throughout the fall season. And the children were so proud of their work. My guess is there might end up being some ghosts and goblins hanging out in this adorable gingerbread house before the Halloween season is over!

...and the best part...The Candy Cottage can be rinsed off and reused for Christmas! Nothing says fun family gingerbread traditions like The Candy Cottage!

Jun 14, 2014

Say "Yes" to Summertime Gingerbread Memories!

Hooray for summer! If your family is like ours the onset of the much anticipated and celebrated summer vacation quickly comes to a screeching halt with those two words..."I'm bored." Why not make a great summer memory and decorate a gingerbread house! Not just any gingerbread house but The Candy Cottage! The one that requires no baking from you, no hot ovens, no hot glue, no complicated assembly.
On those days that the rain just keeps coming down and inside activities are scarce. On the days when the heat outside just can't be beat. The Candy Cottage gingerbread house is your answer!
So grab The Candy Cottage, clean out your pantry and let the kids use their imagination to create a one of a kind gingerbread house! And just look we found at our local Dollar Tree! We were so excited to stumble upon these colorful tree frog and turtle gummies the other day! They are so much fun and just scream "Summer"! This could be a great birthday party theme! The possibilities are endless so get that Candy Cottage out and get the kids decorating!

Here's a close up of those cute little tree frogs! Who wouldn't be excited about these cuties? And they taste good too!

And the turtles? Now those are some precious gummies!

May 20, 2014

Barbecues, Sunshine and Family Time!

Here at The Candy Cottage we are always finding fun holidays and occasions to make a memory by decorating our reusable gingerbread houses. With the excitement of summer just around the corner, Memorial Day is the great time to get The Candy Cottage out and make a memory as friends and families are getting together.

Here's a perfect example of how we used simple white frosting purchased from the grocery store. We added red candies that are easy to find anywhere. Some of the fun candies we used were red hots, red licorice, red lifesavers, fun stripe gum, red m&m's, and red chiclets. We even threw in a few triscuit crackers.

Just another example of how any day can be a Candy Cottage day! Fun with gingerbread all year long!

May 2, 2014

Gingerbread & The Kentucky Derby

Post The Candy Cottage gingerbread house for a decoration like no other for the 140th Kentucky Derby this Saturday.  Don't let Churchill Downs be the only place to celebrate the "Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports."  Use inexpensive, plastic horses to adorn your Candy Cottage and turn it into a race day stable.

Another fun idea - let the children transform the gingerbread house form into a fancy barn while the adults sip Mint Juleps and place their bets!

Apr 23, 2014

Wedding Bells and Gingerbread!

One of our good friends here at Candy Cottage crafted this elegant wedding chapel to use as a centerpiece for a wedding shower. Amazing how the bride and groom fit just perfectly in front to help this couple celebrate their special upcoming day! We love the use of the simple white frosting and decorations. That's what makes The Candy Cottage so much fun - the possibilities are endless and you can use it over and over!

Apr 16, 2014

Easter with The Candy Cottage Gingerbread House

The gingerbread house is back for Easter! Use The Candy Cottage for the perfect spring time activity! Jelly beans, marshmallow eggs, some colored frosting and you've got one cute treat to display for the holiday! What a great way to make fun memories and the best baking required!

Apr 7, 2014

The Candy Cottage - Made in the USA!

Everything seems to come from China these days. Great products from foreign lands. We are proud to announce that The Candy Cottage has come home! From China to the USA! We're making our product right here. American made, by American hands. Proud to bring it back to the USA!