May 20, 2014

Barbecues, Sunshine and Family Time!

Here at The Candy Cottage we are always finding fun holidays and occasions to make a memory by decorating our reusable gingerbread houses. With the excitement of summer just around the corner, Memorial Day is the great time to get The Candy Cottage out and make a memory as friends and families are getting together.

Here's a perfect example of how we used simple white frosting purchased from the grocery store. We added red candies that are easy to find anywhere. Some of the fun candies we used were red hots, red licorice, red lifesavers, fun stripe gum, red m&m's, and red chiclets. We even threw in a few triscuit crackers.

Just another example of how any day can be a Candy Cottage day! Fun with gingerbread all year long!

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