Aug 2, 2011

The Candy Cottage Decorating Party

A few months ago, as part of the debut of the new Candy Cottage, a few of our best friends gathered for a unique event.  It was an evening of fun, food and Candy Cottage decorating.  It was so much fun to see how creative our friends (ordinary moms) became when it came time to get down to decorating.  We witnessed The Candy Cottage transform into Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, A Beach Cottage, A Birthday Cottage, A Crab Shack, and Everyday Cottages.  Below are some of the photos of the creations from The Candy Cottage Decorating Party!  We hope you find these photos inspirational when decorating your Candy Cottage!  Don't forget The Candy Cottage can be used over and over so your creations can be endless!

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