Oct 16, 2015

Edible Witch's Hat (and broom)

In keeping with my edible Halloween goodies, the cookie witch's hat is just too easy to pass up.  Plus it will look cute with your Nutter Butter broom.  The hats are incredibly simply, quick, and, of course, tasty.  You only need a few ingredients to get started.  Have fun!

Cookie Witch Hat
-Fudge Striped Cookies
-Decorative Icing (pick the color you prefer)
-Hershey Kisses

Flip you cookies over, and add your icing.  Simply press your kiss into the middle, and there you have it, a witch's hat. You can add a bit more icing to pretty up the band on the hat if you would like.  I plan on setting mine at the front door of a Candy Cottage, along with a broom (and maybe eating a few!).

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