Oct 6, 2015

Halloween Nutter Butter Fun-Part 2

Since I had a package of Nutter Butters after making the Mummies, I decided to give brooms a try.   The Witch's broom would look cute propped at the door of any Halloween Candy Cottage.

Nutter Butter Brooms
Pretzel Sticks
Nutter Butter cookies
Chocolate Almond Bark

Melt your chocolate according to directions.  Meanwhile, cut the ends off of your Nutter Butters.  Dip your pretzel sticks in the melted chocolate and press into the end of the cookie.  Set aside on a wax papered surface.  Once set, the broom handle (i.e. pretzel stick) should adhere.  If not, you can always add a dab of chocolate to the end and re affix.  Next, up Witches' Hats, to go with our brooms!

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