Sep 4, 2015

A Cabin in the Woods

While shopping for pretzels to make my pumpkins, I discovered that pretzels of all kinds were on sale, buy one get one free.  Not to pass up a good deal, I bought 4 different kinds (believe it or not, that barely scrapes the surface on pretzel variety...who knew there were so many types!).  Now what to do with hundreds of pretzels...make a Log Cabin of course! A log cabin is actually a relatively easy project for your entire family, including the littles. We ended up using rods, sticks, and butter snaps to decorate our cottage.  We kept it simple, but had fun decorating.  You most certainly could add snow, white cotton candy "smoke" from the chimney, and spruce trees.  Actually, your imagination and creativity are the limits really.  Have fun decorating a fall cottage this weekend, and share a picture with us!

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