Sep 8, 2015

Coloring Frosting with Kool-Aid

When you decorate your Candy Cottage this fall, one easy way to jazz it up is to use colored frosting. Halloween is a great time to experiment with a yellow roof or a purple cottage.  Rather than use traditional food coloring, I decided to try Kool-Aid packets.

Believe it or not, Kool-Aid works great.  The colors turned out bright, and as an added bonus, the frosting smelled pretty wonderful (and might taste pretty yummy, too!) The best part is that the whole process is so easy. Simply dump a packet of Kool-Aid into your frosting container and stir.  If you would like, you could always put the frosting in a bowl first, but that is not necessary.  My only tip is to make sure to read to the packets, as a green packet is actually red Kiwi Strawberry.  Get mixing!

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