Sep 24, 2015

Boo! Making Edible Ghosts the Easy Way

I was inspired to try make a Twinkies ghost after seeing one on CrazyLittleProjects .  Was it really as easy as it was made out to be? The answer was a resounding yes.  Aside from easy, the little ghosts turned out to be quite cute.  The ingredient list is short, and the actual construction is quick.

Twinkies Ghosts
-Twinkies cut in half
-white chocolate candy bark
-mini chocolate chips

Begin by melting your white chocolate bark candy according to package instructions until smooth.  While the chocolate is melting, cut your Twinkies in half.

Set the Twinkies upright on a wax paper covered surface and spoon melted chocolate over the top.  The chocolate will ooze down the sides, puddling at the bottom, and creating a "ghost shape."  

Finally add your mini morsels for eyes and a mouth and wait for your ghosts to set.  After the candy has hardened, your spooky, yet adorable friends are ready to adorn a Halloween Candy Cottage, and/or be eaten.  Have fun!

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