Sep 12, 2015

Not Your Mama's Candy Corn

When I was growing up, the appearance of candy corn in the grocery store signified the approach of Halloween and all things autumn.  The sweet little triangles of goodness were only to be eaten from September through the first of November, and they always were the same, yellow then orange,with a little white tip.  If you wanted to get a little wild, you might eat a orange pumpkin or get the harvest mix.  While shopping the other day, I happened upon a display of candy corn.  I reached for my usual bag, when "caramel macchiato" caught my eye. What?  Since when did candy corn come in OTHER flavors?  Where have I been the past few Septembers?  Apparently, for the brave at heart, you can now get everything from Peanut Butter Cup to Sea Salt Chocolate.  YUM!

Aside from just being a favorite fall treat, candy corn is a staple Halloween Candy Cottage decoration.  The little triangles make perfect shingles, walkways, roof lines, and accents.  Now you can go even crazier with candy corn of all colors.  The leftovers will be delicious, too!
 Trendy Tree Candy Cottage creation

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