Sep 30, 2015

Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkins

I can't believe that I happened upon these pumpkins!  I made them simply as a cute accent for a candy cottage, but discovered that they taste just like those marshmallow chicks, except BETTER! When I say better, I mean that you might have trouble actually using these to decorate anything other than the inside of your tummy.  They are extremely easy to make and very kid friendly.

Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkins
Orange sugar sprinkles
Pretzel sticks
Green mini M&M's

Dip your marshmallows in water so the sugar will adhere.  Next roll the marshmallows in the orange sugar crystals (fun for the kiddos!) and set aside.  Cut the tips off the pretzel sticks for your stem, and gently push into the top of your pumpkin.  Finally, using kitchen shears, I cut my mini M&M's in half, and also gently pressed into the top of the marshmallows.  So easy!

 Marshmallow Pumpkins would make a cute substitute for candy corn pumpkins

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